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Mathieu and Julia brilliantly representing the lab in Tokyo!

Julia just completed an internship in Dr Michiel de Hoon's lab at RIKEN IMS in Yokohama, Japan. What a better way to finish this enriching scientific experience than to participate in an international conference bringing together experts in genetics, genomics, health and policy from McGill, RIKEN, Pasteur Institute, the UK Biobank and much more (Tokyo Symposium & Workshop on Genomic Medicine, Therapeutics and Health (

Mathieu was an invited speaker at the Symposium. He expertly showcased his research projects on single cell genomics of rheumatic diseases, as well as some others in which the lab participated to characterize novel immunodeficiency causing genes. His talk was one of the most inspiring, clearly demonstrating how we can apply functional genomics to important clinical paradigm.

On top, they were in Japan during the cherry blossom!

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