Rayoun Ramendra is an undergraduate Microbiology and Immunology student at McGill University. Previously, he has worked with the Jean-Pierre Routy lab at the McGill University Health Center where he focused on studying mucosal immunology during early and chronic stages of HIV-infection. He is excited to expand his knowledge in immunology using animal models, functional genomics, and bioinformatics. Outside of the lab, Rayoun has a profound interest in improving global health and eliminating the stigma around mental health.

> Rayoun is now MD-PhD student at University of Toronto


2019-2021 - véronique cholette, MSC candidate

I have a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences from Ottawa University where I gained research experience studying weight loss. My project involved investigating a specific polymorphism of a gene implicated in fatty acid oxidation.

During my undergrad, I worked as a lab technician in a pharmacy as well as working on a clinical and administrative level in a hospital. Working closely with patients and their families, I developed an interest in chronic inflammatory diseases and their multifactorial etiology. I am delighted to be a part of the Inflammation Genomics Lab team!
> Véronique has graduated from the MSc program in Human Genetics! Congrats!

2021 - Taha Assil rebaiaia, undergraduate student

2021 - rachad aita, undergraduate student