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2019-2022 - Mehdi Emam (PHD, DVM)
      > Mehdi is now Senior Scientist at Zoetis, Michigan, USA


2018-2022 - HanChen Wang, MSc candidate and Research Assistant
​    > HanChen graduated from the MSc program in Physiology (co-supervised by Dr Ana Nijnik) with an thesis rated Excellent!           He is now pursuing a Masters in Data Science in UBC

Fall 2021 - Erica Kleinbrink, PhD rotation student - Quantitative Life Science 

2019-2021 - Véronique Cholette, MSc candidate
      > Véronique has graduated from the MSc program in Human Genetics! Congrats!

2019-2021 - Mauricio Ayala, MSc candidate

      > Mauricio has graduated from the MSc program in Human Genetics! He is continuing with us as a PhD student


2020-2022 - Urvashi Singh, BSc student - Microbiology & Immunology

Summer 2021 - Taha Assil Rebaiaia, BSc student - Science

Summer 2021 - Rachad Aita, BSc student - Science

2018-2020 - Rayoun Ramendra, BSc student - Microbiology & Immunology
      > Rayoun is now a MD-PhD student at University of Toronto


2021 - Arturo Machuca-Parra (PhD), Research Associate

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