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First report of human IRF1-deficiency published in Cell!!

We are pleased to share our latest contribution to the characterization of genes causing human immunodeficiencies! In this joint effort, led by Jérémie Rosain (Dr Casanova's group), our lab have made important contributions in the deep characterization of the first 2 patients with inherited recessive IRF1 deficiency. The patient phenotype is as severe as patients with IFNg receptor deficiency, highlighted the essential role of IRF1 in the IFNg-dependent immune responses. Surprisingly, IRF1 in humans turns out to be redundant for Type I IFN response.

Congratulations to all the authors! And special thanks to the McGill crew: Mathieu Mancini (postdoc in the lab), Mathieu Bourgey (from C3G), Barbara Mindt (Fritz lab), Jorg Fritz, and Philippe Gros.

For more details read the full article here:

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