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Amazing! Mathieu receives a postdoc fellowship from the Arthritis Society

The Arthritis Society of Canada has just announced the results of its 2021-2022 Training Award competition (, and Mathieu Mancini is one of the three recipients of a 3-year postdoctoral fellowship. His project entitled "From stem cells to mature immune cells: Passing on defects in rheumatoid arthritis" will investigate how early immune stem cells carry and transfer defects as they develop into mature immune cells that cause rheumatoid arthritis. Thanks to the Arthritis Society for this tremendous support to a very talented scientist!

This very exciting project is done in collaboration with Dr Inés Colmegna and Dr Ana Nijnik and is funded by a CIHR Project Grant.

About the Arthritis Society: The Arthritis Society is Canada’s national charity dedicated to fighting the fire of arthritis with the fire of research, advocacy and information and support. They are supporting the training and development of the next generation of arthritis researchers, a critical step in establishing a strong pipeline of researchers in Canada – scientists and clinicians poised to make a difference for six million Canadians facing this chronic disease

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